Aurora Photos Taken by Dale and Jo guests, Grahm and Lynn Maclachlan East side of property 9/2/11.

Note: bright star at end of tree row is Saturn

Dale and Jo View Suties offers ideal Aurora Borealis Viewing (last week in August to last week in March).


WHAT TO WEAR--Wear Gloves, a hat that covers most of your face, and weather tight boots. At Dale and Jo you can view the lights from inside or go outside. Outside the areas for viewing the lights are shoveled so you will not be walking in deep snow. When you come inside, take off your boots and put them on our rack for drying. Dampness will get into your boots from your own sweat and cause cold feet when you go out again.

WHERE TO LOOK FOR THE AURORA-- Look in the Northwest Sky quadrant. The aurora has been arching over from the NW to the NE or EE sky. There have been independent displays in the SE sky. Full night display will cover the southern sky reaching from East to West. The aurora can be out for hours or just 15 minutes. So be aggressive in checking the sky. At Dale and Jo we also check the sky and will wake you up.... but 2011 to present the aurora has been coming out anytime between 10:00pm and 4:00am.

WEATHER AND THE AURORA-- At Dale and Jo we are in the hills and our temperature is warmer than in the flats of Fairbanks by about 8 to 10 degrees. Even if the sky is cloudy in the early evening, it often will clear into the late night - early morning as the temperature drops, allowing the aurora to be viewed.

aurora c

aurora b

aurora house c

Aurora arch is moving north east. Note: leaves are still on the trees!


aurora e

aurora house f













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