We want you to feel at home at Dale and Jo. Our policies have been created to assure that all our guests are safe, secure, and enjoy their stay.


  • Check In / Out
  • Deposit & Credit Card
  • Cancellation
  • Extra Person
  • Staying w/ Us
  • Safety
  • Aurora
  • Discounts
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Guest Kitchen

Early Check In:  Check in is 4:00 pm.  If we can let you check in earlier, we are happy to do so. Please call ahead. 

Late Check In: If you arrive after 8:00 pm, you may find a note on the ground level, Private French Door Entrance to the Apartment. You will follow our sidewalk from the parking area, around the front of the house, directly to a set of French doors with lace curtains. Your note with your keys will be taped to this door.

Late Check Out:  Check out is 11:00 am.  If you need a late check out please ask us.  We will do our best to meet your needs. 

credit cards mast card visa deposit policyDeposit: We take a 50% deposit at the time of booking. 

Security and Credit Card Information Requirement:  For all guests we require that a credit card be recorded in your reservation file. You can still pay with cash or travelers checks upon arrival.  Credit Card information is kept in hard copy under lock and file and is never put into digital format.



Cancellation Policy: A cancellation is any reservation cancelled or changed. Please be sure of your dates before booking with us. The dates you reserve are held back from others. Most guest book a year in advance with us. We are small and cancellations are not easy for us to absorb. Unlike hotels, we do not overbook. We never 'walk a guest.' 

Year Round-- We require 30 days cancellation notice. If you cancel giving us 30 days notice or more, there is a $35.00 cancellation fee plus an administrative fee to be 10% of the accommodation fee per night reserved.  Even the most well planned trip can have emergencies.  We encourage our guests to obtain travel insurance.    If you cancel short of 30 days notice, we will refund your accommodation charge, minus the fees (explained above),  if we are able to rebook your reservation. For Reservations Greater than 3 Night Stay-- We require 60 days cancellation notice all other terms apply.

Early departure is not refundable. If you do not show up to check into your accommodation and you have not given us notice of cancellation, this is considered a no-show and you will be charged for the accommodation.

Extra Person Room Charge Policy: 

The apartment is priced starting for 2 people. An extra person charge is applied for each person above 2, including children.

Pets:  We love animals but do not allow guest pets. We do have a Cairn Terrier, 'Lucy.' Think of Toto on Wizard of Oz. Lucy is restricted to our private living area and is only on our grounds when on a leash. She is super friendly and would love to lick our guests to pieces if we let her have free range.   

Parking: The apartment comes with 2 parking spaces. Your visitors can park one car behind each of your cars, but not take up a separate parking space which needs to be left open for other guests.

Room Key or Winter Flash Light: Our check out is really easy. Just leave the key in the apartment, hand it to us, or leave it in on the dining room table. Please remember to put flash lights back in your room if you are a winter guest. You are allowed to take our lights with you in your car. We want you to be safe. We regret we must charge you for non-returned keys and flashlights.

Housekeeping Service-- We remove your trash daily. There is no other housekeeping service for the apartment.

Our wish for our guests-- We want each guest to feel comfortable and at home. Our restrictions are designed to keep a happy house for the well being of all our guests.

no smoking policy

Smoking:  There is no smoking indoors or outdoors due to fire risk.  Failure to honor this no smoking policy may result a fee. 

Candles-- Due to fire safety requirements we do not allow candles.

Guest Indoor Safety Policy:  Each bedroom has a fire extinguisher, a smoke alarm system, and an egress window.  Each suite kitchen has a fire extinguisher.  Dale and Jo View Suites has smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarm system.  Each bedroom has a double lock system.  

Guest Outdoor Safety Policy, Attention Aurora Watchers:  

Animal Alert:  Be alert in all seasons for moose.  Take the time to look carefully when you exit the building and go onto the grounds.  For winter aurora-watching guests we have installed motion perimeters lights around the property which are triggered when an animal approaches the house.  Usually this is a moose, but we do have other winter animals.  Most of our moose have learned where to walk so they do not trigger the lights.  If the motion light comes on immediately move back to the house entrance for safety.  Please do not leave food outside for the animals.  

Cold Weather Safety:  Plug in your car, always,  Wear gloves, always.  When it is 30 below, you can get a cold burn on your hand by touching the front door metal handle.  Come inside often to warm up.  Do use our shoe racks to dry out your shoes inside and out.  Damp shoes do not protect your feet from serious cold.  Frost bite can sneak up on you.  If your skin is growing numb or is burning, if you are having trouble moving your fingers-- get inside and warm up.

northern lights dale and jo view suites alaskaAurora flash lights are provided. Do look both ways for animals.

We are a good place for watching the lights if you wish the convenience of just stepping outside. We do have houses within 2 to 14 acres of us.



Discount Policy: We have 'Special Rates' offered a limited times of the year. We post them on our home page. 

House Cleaning for Self-Catering Discount Rate Apartment Only-- This is a special rate that gives the guest our lowest rate in exchange for less service and amenities. Housekeeping will remove trash daily but provide no other cleaning services. Guests are required to leave their kitchen dishes clean upon departure or you may be charged a cleaning fee. There is no breakfast service or beverage service. Toilet tissues and toilet paper is refreshed as needed. The kitchen is supplied with a starter kit which you may need to refresh should you require more. We do provide coffee filters. The Self-Catering Rate is a good choice for the guest party that wants a lower rate and vacation apartment experience with minimal service as well as basic amenities.

Private Washer Dryer-- We do provide detergent for you. This is an apartment size washer and dryer. The dryer does not dry heavy garments like jeans very well. You may want to use the hanging rack stored next to the units to do over night air drying for heavy clothes.


Kitchen -- The apartment kitchen has all full size appliances and is fully equiped for cooking and serving.



Wi-Fi is Free:  If you are Having any problem connecting let us know.  We are happy to help you.  Your Wifi password is posted in your room.

Waiting List Policy:  We do keep a waiting list. If we do not have availability for the dates you wish, or if we cannot meet your entire reservation requirement, please let us know if you wish to be placed on our waiting list and we will call you or email you if we have any cancellations.

please remove shoesPlease Take Off Your Shoes:  As in Hawaii, removing shoes when indoors is the custom in Alaska. Alaska has sandy glacier dirt that tracks very easily into the house and crunches under your feet. Year round we request that our guests take off their shoes.  We have radiant heated floors so your feet will not be cold. 

Forgotten Items can be shipped to you per your request for the cost of shipping plus a $5.00 handling fee which will be charged to credit card.