Bazooka Crypto Partners with to Replace Health Insurance, Co-Pay and Cash Payments with Bazooka Token

Bazooka Crypto Partners with to Replace Health Insurance, Co-Pay and Cash Payments with Bazooka Token

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2022 / – Bazooka Crypto Rewards Ltd. (Bazooka) Token will be integrated with the (QDc) medical platform to replace insurance and cash payments and facilitate improved rewards and credit between consumer users, physicians and healthcare professionals. health.

Integration with the Bazooka token will provide a seamless customer experience to motivate, educate, improve, and facilitate constructive dialogue with providers about their symptoms and health.

Bazooka Crypto Rewards and today announced their partnership to make the Bazooka Token (BAZ) available to all users of their crowdsourced medical services network.

The Bazooka Reward Token is ideally positioned for the Telemedicine / Telehealth space as it is validated and enables consumers to better understand their symptoms and improve their health, gain information about diseases and help them cope. render under appropriate care.

The Bazooka Reward Token is the only mainstream tool that not only encourages patients to research their symptoms, but also allows them to discuss the results with the QDc care provider in a meaningful way without requiring monetary payment or insurance coverage. .

Advertising and share the mission of making medical information accessible to as many people as possible.

“ is a leading provider of physician answers using a crowdsourced platform. Thus, it is extremely important that provides their users with effective tools that can help improve their health and well-being, ”said P Bertolissi, President. “We are delighted to include the Bazooka token in our commercial offering for all patients and professionals using our crowdsourcing, priority response and online doctor video visit services.”

The challenge for user and provider is to engage in early discussions and identify relevant and relevant information that can aid patient-provider interaction.

Providing users of the site with access to the Bazooka token allows them to freely interact with highly controlled resources from the start. This allows both the supplier and the consumer to ask ‘what is the problem and what else might be happening’.

Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to seek information around diagnoses, the opportunity is to direct them to trusted sites rather than general research for their information. said P Bertolissi of, “Providing access to the site helps them engage in their healthcare and enables them to have informed conversations with QDc providers”

About Bazooka Rewards

The Bazooka Crypto Rewards (BAZ) token has been validated and peer reviewed and is now recognized as a leader in crypto rewards.

Bazooka is the only digital asset that gives businesses and consumers a compelling business reason to accept it.

Bazooka offers an alternative to centrally issued cash back rewards, stablecoins and rewards programs.

Bazooka provides decentralized credit.

Bazooka is a consumer-centric and fairly launched DeFi Token protocol.

Connect with us at

Bazooka contact details: Dan Jeffrey, Communications Bazooka Crypto Rewards

About is a leading provider of online medical answers and online physician video services.

Our mission:
– Answer medical questions online for people who can’t afford doctors and those who just don’t have access to doctors.

– Help provide answers to difficult and complex medical questions that would otherwise go unanswered.

– Reduce the cost of medical care and improve productivity through the innovative use of technology.

Our approach is based on crowdsourcing – where medical questions are answered by a diverse group of people led by doctors, medical experts and healthcare professionals.

Contact details of QuestionDoctors

Paul Bertolissi
+1 514 237 4801
[email protected]

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