Waco Speaks: Letters to the Editor for the Week of January 7, 2022 | Local news

Waco Speaks: Letters to the Editor for the Week of January 7, 2022 |  Local news

Earthquake insurance?

SpaceX at McGregor was there again last week and the sound of the rocket engine they were testing was longer and louder at my house in Hewitt. I walked inside and sat in my recliner and recorded the clicking of my windows. I worry about the houses. I don’t believe any of our homes are built to a jerk or rattle specification.

I have been in the construction business for many years and recently called my home insurance representative and asked if I had earthquake coverage. The answer was no, but I can’t convince myself that all of these vibrations felt by the engines tested at SpaceX are good for my house or for anyone else.

Go big on Mars

I applaud Maria Malachi’s letter [Dec. 30] on improving roads.

I see they start working on Mars Drive from January 10th. I just hope they do more than fill in the potholes. It needs to be widened, adding signals, sidewalks and turning lanes.

I think the public would be tolerant of any inconvenience knowing that the construction will bring better streets. Go big or don’t even start.

Utopian idea

Wouldn’t it be great if a meeting could take place at the White House? A meeting called by our president, Joe Biden.

It would be a very good dinner. Guests would be McConnell, Judge Roberts, Pelosi, Schumer, all past presidents, and a random citizen of the United States. They might start by agreeing that they are old and have made their money over the years and no longer need it, except maybe for this citizen.

The purpose of the meeting would be simply, let’s all work together for the citizens and solve the problems of this country in a bipartisan way. Show kindness and respect by showing faith in God. Bring back the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Keep it simple

In response to “Broken code” [Letters Jan. 2], I was a little taken aback when I read this person’s opinion.

“It’s not really code when everyone knows it,” the letter said. For example, most people know a lot of codes. However, I didn’t know what “Come on Brandon” meant. Now that I do, it’s immature and very disrespectful. It doesn’t matter who people vote for, you have to respect that, regardless of whether you agree or not with America’s choices.

Making a secret code is like playing games with children. They quickly forget that it is a game between them and move on to the next game which holds their interest in the short term.

Adults calling names are child’s play. This world is complicated if you do it that way. Keep it simple.

it’s a loan

God did not give us this Earth. He lent it to us to take care of it.


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