Registration deadline for nearby health insurance

Registration deadline for nearby health insurance

If you don’t have health insurance, Maryland’s open enrollment period is extended this year. Until January 15, you can subscribe to a private insurance plan that begins February 1.

Michele Eberle is the executive director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, which manages the state’s health insurance market, Maryland Health Connection.

Eberle said that with the cost of a few coffee drinks a month, you can get really comprehensive health insurance this year, thanks to new federal and state laws. The American Rescue Plan Act expanded eligibility for the plans, and there is also a state grant for young adults between the ages of 18 and 34.

“We have heard over and over again people say that I just couldn’t afford it. And when I have to choose between buying food, paying my mortgage, paying my rent, taking out health insurance, it drops to the bottom, ”Eberle said. “This is why we have worked very hard for several years to get these low prices. “

She said a 28-year-old adult earning just over $ 30,000 a year can get coverage for around $ 9 a month.

“It’s huge. I mean, it’s not a lot to pay for health care coverage that covers you not just to go to the emergency room, to your doctor, to get mental health services, to cover your prescriptions. , but also for well-being, ”said Eberle.

Wellness coverage, she said, includes vaccinations, mammograms, annual wellness visits, colonoscopies and cancer screenings.

Even if you haven’t qualified for an affordable plan in previous years, Eberle said there’s a good chance you’ll do it this year. And she said it’s especially important to be covered this year.

“You think you don’t need health insurance, and a lot of times people feel good, I’m healthy. I am young. I don’t need health insurance. But we never know. I mean, look at the pandemic, ”she said. “We never know when something is going to happen.”

If you are looking for a plan through Maryland Health Connection and need help, you can visit their website or dial 855-642-8572.

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