Emergency anthem motion jeopardizes health care coverage

Emergency anthem motion jeopardizes health care coverage

The contentious battle between Northside Hospital and Anthem continues.

ATLANTA – Anthem, a health insurance provider for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, has filed an emergency motion that leaves health care coverage for more than 400,000 patients unresolved. This is just the latest in a series of contentious exchanges between Anthem and Northside Hospital.

In December 2021, there were growing concerns that Anthem and Northside Hospital would not reach a new deal by the end of the month. The tense contractual impasse puts the health care coverage of hundreds of thousands of patients at risk.

Just before the deadline, Northside Hospital obtained an “injunction” from the Fulton County Superior Court. Anthem’s contract with the hospital was therefore extended by 30 days, temporarily stopping the termination of health coverage for more than 400,000 patients.

On January 11, Anthem confirmed to 11Alive that it had filed an emergency petition to end the temporary restraining order that allows Northside Hospital patients to remain in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The healthcare professional made the following statement:

Our members can rest assured knowing that we have coverage for emergency care, including treatment for COVID, with any provider, whether that provider chooses to be part of our network or not. Ensuring access to care is why we entered negotiations early and have been working in good faith for the past seven months to reach a new deal with Northside. We gave Northside a proposal with generous raises – a proposal they could sign immediately – but they refused. Northside is keen to continue operating under a contract that will not achieve the affordability or the quality improvements that we seek and our members deserve. We would like Northside to join us in focusing only on getting a deal that is in the best interests of consumers.

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