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Will Your Homeowners Insurance Company Pay to Have a Fallen Tree Removed?

Home insurance can pay for damage and removal if a tree falls, but only in certain circumstances. The insurance reimburses damage that the policyholder could not have prevented. It does not cover damage that occurs because the owner has not taken care of the property. Whether a fallen tree damages a structure is another important factor that can affect coverage.

When tree removal will and will not be covered
If a healthy tree falls due to a storm with high winds, hail, snow or ice and damages your home or other covered structure, such as a shed, your insurance policy should cover repairs to your property, as well as the cost of tree removal. If the tree was rotting and in danger of falling, but you did nothing, your insurance company will most likely refuse to pay for damages and removal if the tree falls in a storm.

If a tree falls due to a storm, but it does not damage your home or other structure, you will likely have to pay for the removal of the tree yourself. Your insurance company, however, may pay to have the tree removed if it blocks your driveway. If a tree in your yard falls due to another covered peril, such as fire or lightning, your insurance company must pay the cost of removing the tree, even if the tree does not cause damage. not a structure.

Earthquakes and floods are not covered by a standard home insurance policy. If a tree falls due to one of these events and you don’t have a separate earthquake or flood insurance policy, your insurer will deny a claim for tree removal.

If a tree in your yard falls and damages your car, you will need to file a vehicle damage claim through your auto insurance policy. Your home insurance policy may pay for the removal of a tree if the tree falls due to a covered peril.

What happens when a neighbor’s tree falls
If your neighbor’s tree falls on your property due to a covered peril, you will need to file a claim for tree removal costs with your own home insurance company. Your insurer can request reimbursement from your neighbour’s insurer. If your insurer determines that the tree fell due to your neighbour’s negligence, you may be able to file a liability claim with your neighbor’s homeowners insurance company.

Understand your coverage
The total amount your insurance company will pay for tree removal is usually a percentage of your home’s coverage. The insurer will limit the amount it will pay for each tree to be felled.

When you file a home insurance claim, you will have to pay a deductible before your insurer pays the rest of the bill. If a tree falls but does not damage a structure, it may not make sense to file a claim only for the removal of a tree.

Each situation is unique. If you have questions about coverage, review your policy or contact your insurance company or agent.

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